I Wanna Be Somebody W.A.S.P. 79063
Animal (F**k Like A Beast) W.A.S.P. 79062
All I Need Wagner, Jack 79064
The Cold Hard Facts Of Life Wagoner, Porter 79068
Misery Loves Company Wagoner, Porter 79067
Eat, Drink & Be Merry Wagoner, Porter 79066
A Satisfied Mind Wagoner, Porter 79065
The Story Of The Blues Wah! 96704
Dead Skunk Wainwright III, Lou 79069
Hallelujah Wainwright, Rufus 95701
Missing You Waite, John 90004
How Did I Get By Without You Waite, John 79071
Change Waite, John 79070
I Know What Boys Like Waitresses, The 79073
Christmas Wrapping Waitresses, The 79072
The Piano Has Been Drinking Waits, Tom 79074
Goin' Out West Waits, Tom 96039
Slippin' Around Wakely, Jimmy 79076
One Has My Name, The Other Has My Hear Wakely, Jimmy 79075
Chillin' Wale & Lady Gaga 94296

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