New Attitude Labelle, Patti 85379
My Love, Sweet Love Labelle, Patti 85378
Love, Need & Want You Labelle, Patti 85377
Lady Marmalade Labelle, Patti 90338
If Only You Knew Labelle, Patti 85376
I Don't Do Duets Labelle, Patti 85375
Gotta Go Solo Labelle, Patti 85374
Ain't No Way Labelle, Patti 85373
On My Own Labelle, Patti & McDonald, Michael 91651
Sweet Dreams LaBouche 98689
Fallin' In Love LaBouche 98691
Be My Lover LaBouche 98690
I Want A Man Lace 85384
What's Left of Me Lachey, Nick 94566
Need You Now Lady Antebellum 94363
Just A Kiss Lady Antebellum 45504
You And I Lady Gaga 48505
The Fame Lady Gaga 44622
The Edge Of Glory//(Acoustic Version) Lady Gaga 48841
The Edge Of Glory Lady Gaga 47855

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