Just Let Me Be In Love Byrd, Tracy 81423
I'm From The Country Byrd, Tracy 81422
I Wanna Feel That Way Again Byrd, Tracy 81421
How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica Byrd, Tracy 81420
Holdin' Heaven Byrd, Tracy 81419
Heaven In My Woman's Eyes Byrd, Tracy 81418
Good Old Fashioned Love Byrd, Tracy 81417
Drinkin' Bone Byrd, Tracy 81416
Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Byrd, Tracy 81415
Big Love Byrd, Tracy 81414
A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side Byrd, Tracy 81413
4 To 1 In Atlanta Byrd, Tracy 81412
So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star Byrds 81439
My Back Pages Byrds 81438
Mr. Tambourine Man Byrds 90702
Eight Miles High Byrds 81437
All I Really Want To Do Byrds 81436

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