To You I Belong B Witched 91922
Rollercoaster B Witched 91877
Jump Down B Witched 92392
Jessie Hold On B Witched 92216
I Shall Be There B Witched 92301
C'est La Vie B Witched 91824
Blame It On The Weatherman B Witched 91986
Rock Lobster B-52's 80553
Roam B-52's 80552
Private Idaho B-52's 80551
Love Shack B-52's 90218
Debbie B-52's 80550
Deadbeat Club B-52's 80549
Dreamer B.B. & Q. Band 91027
Why I Sing The Blues B.B. King 98645
The Thrill Is Gone B.B. King 96237
Rock Me Baby B.B. King 98648
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss B.B. King 98647
I'll Survive B.B. King 97308
How Blue Can You Get? B.B. King 96445

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